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TINC (Toolkit for Interactive Computation)

National Science Foundation Grant No. 2004693: 2021 – 2022

- Elements: Cyber-infrastructure for Interactive Computation and Display of Materials Datasets

The Toolkit for Interactive Computation (TINC) provides a set of C++ and python classes to assist in the interactive exploration of large datasets by managing parameter spaces, interactive computation and caching of data.


TINC allows exposing C++ application controls to the network. This simplifies the development of distributed applications as well as creating applications that can be controlled through python without having the application itself depend on python.


A great use case is by interacting with the C++ application through a jupyter notebook.


TINC can also be used standalone in python to assist exploration of complex datasets that are spread out through the filesystem through interactive computation prototyping.

TINC application has been used for audiovisual interaction with high-power computation including Monte Carlo simulation, Quantum computer, and machine learning. 


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