time estimation


Proposed blind reverberation time estimation using deep neural networks (DNN) 

using multi-channel microphone

- Obtaining the acoustic parameter from the sound source

- Conducted an intensive study with single & multiple channel based algorithm using neural networks.  

  (Published in IEEE IC-NIDC and Acta Acust united Ac)
- Developed estimation algorithm for dereverberation and an acoustic model (C, MATLAB)
- Contributed distributive research with LG electronics


= Patent
- Multichannel Microphone-based Reverberation Time Estimation Method and Device which use Deep Neural Network Technical Field, US Patent, 2019.
- Multi-Channel Microphone based Reverberation Time Estimation using Deep Neural Network, Korea Patent, 2016.


Performance of T60 estimation algorithms 

in various noise environments for different SNRs:

(a) bias (b) MSE, and (c) ρ.