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I don't include figures but many things happening.

EEG VR research, AR, NASA Ocean project, and more!

Please send me an email if you would like to discuss the collaboration.

Feb. 2024



FractalBrain: A Neuro-interactive Virtual Reality Experience using Electroencephalogram (EEG) for Mindfulness (CHI Interactivity 2024)

Spatial Orchestra: Locomotion Music Instruments through Spatial Exploration (CHI Interactivity 2024)

asaa (2).PNG

Coherent Multimodal Instrument Design (Ph.D. Thesis)

[August 2023]

Coming soon.. (2024)

Past Works

• Summer internship at Nokia Bell Labs. Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT) 

        - Acoustic signal processing and machine learning task

Reverberation time estimation using machine learning:

Obtaining room acoustic information from sound sources received by microphones.
- Conducted an intensive study with a single & multi-channel based algorithm
 a deep neural network. (Published in IEEE IC-NIDC and Acta Acust united Ac)

- Developed an estimation algorithm for dereverberation and acoustic model

Crosstalk cancellation:

Reproducing audio to utilize binaural audio signals with two loudspeakers by
offsetting the crosstalk components
- Developed crosstalk cancellation algorithms based on HRTF with low sensitivity.
- Participated in a national project exclusively; Information Technology Research Centre: Center for Ultra Realistic Audio Technologies (ITRC: CURAT)

• Multi-channel audio spatialization:

Synthesis of audio signals with directivity using multiple loudspeakers.

- Developed an adaptive multi-channel audio spatialization algorithm (MATLAB)

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