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Recent Works
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Coherent Multimodal Instrument Design (Ph.D. Thesis)

[August 2023]

Coming soon.. (2023)

Past Works

• Summer internship at Nokia Bell Labs. Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT) 

        - Acoustic signal processing and machine learning task

Reverberation time estimation using machine learning:

Obtaining room acoustic information from sound sources received by microphones.
- Conducted an intensive study with a single & multi-channel based algorithm
 a deep neural network. (Published in IEEE IC-NIDC and Acta Acust united Ac)

- Developed an estimation algorithm for dereverberation and acoustic model

Crosstalk cancellation:

Reproducing audio to utilize binaural audio signals with two loudspeakers by
offsetting the crosstalk components
- Developed crosstalk cancellation algorithms based on HRTF with low sensitivity.
- Participated in a national project exclusively; Information Technology Research Centre: Center for Ultra Realistic Audio Technologies (ITRC: CURAT)

• Multi-channel audio spatialization:

Synthesis of audio signals with directivity using multiple loudspeakers.

- Developed an adaptive multi-channel audio spatialization algorithm (MATLAB)

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